Hair & Make-up Artist, Melvone Farrell signs w/ 9 Agency

Melvone Farrell

With a lengthy career in the commercial advertising industry, Melvone Farrell is a perfect fit to join the hair & make-up roster here at 9 Agency. In her career, Melvone has worked across all aspects of the industry, commercials, print, editorial, celebrity, film, and television, Melvone has a wide range of experiences which make her a well rounded artist and highly sought after.
9 Agency welcomes Melvone with open arms and great excitement, looking forward to introducing her to many new faces, and reintroducing her to some from her past.
Please visit this direct link to view Melvone's work on the 9 Agency website and be sure to give a visit to her personal website if you have a chance as well.
Melvone is based in Los Angeles, CA.